The relationship between humankind and jewellery dates back to the old caveman days. When men and women dwelt in caves they used stones and animal horns, leaves and flowers to decorate themselves. Especially women, who have always had an affinity towards jewellery and other things that make them look good and desirable. They have used everything they found around them as jewellery, and which made them look pretty. And today, with the evolution of mankind, even jewellery has come a long way.

Till some time back, the most common material used for making jewellery was gold and silver. But many other materials have now entered the jewellery market all over the world. Nowadays, people are using different products to make classy and elegant jewellery and trinkets. Platinum and white gold are ruling the roost. Also beads are enjoying a high popularity among men and women alike. However, people have not forgotten the good old days, and stones, especially semi-precious stones are still used in jewellery and loved by people throughout the world.

Jewellery and ornaments have definitely come of age with the growth of mankind. And now, we have ornaments that are made for different kinds of occasions and for different situations. There is jewellery that is worn in professional set ups, and then there is jewellery for parties and gala dinners. Also, we have jewellery for home and jewellery that are meant for times when we are enjoying with friends.

Now we make and wear jewellery made of a variety of materials. Gold, platinum, diamond and silver are few of the very common and most popular ones. Then we also have come across the usage of beads like Seed Beads, bugle beads, glass beads, crystal beads, silver beads, gemstone beads etc. in our jewellery. Apart from them, we have invented and used various others material to this date, to make beautiful pieces of jewellery.

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