Stamps have become indispensable for both business houses and independent entrepreneurs and individuals, and what we witness today is a definite metamorphosis viz a viz the manufacturing process of stamping, and modernization with regard to the distribution channel.

Ever since they were invented in the year 1886, stamps have evolved in the true sense of the word- from seals made of different materials made by our ancestors to laser technology used by present day stamp manufacturers. Today, you can forget the long, tedious wait for your stamps; just visit a good online store and get customized stamps in the minimum possible time, thanks to the revolution in the stamp making process. It really is a remarkable transformation.

As individuals, business houses and government departments realized the importance of stamps, hundreds of stamp making companies mushroomed around the United States to cater to the growing demand. Rubber stamps enjoyed immense popularity throughout the century and find application within diverse areas in contemporary times. The rapid technological advancement in all sectors has not left stamps untouched. Usage of state-of-art laser technology in stamp making has given a new face to the the whole process and ascertained that there are minimum errors and faster production. Most of the ten million dollar custom stamp houses boast of usage of laser technology in the stamp making process, something which has changed the very face of the stamping industry. Single inks stamps have given way to multi-colored ones, for use by individuals, institutions and artists, flash stamps have become the order of the day.

The stamping evolution

The stamping industry has not been left untouched by the communication revolution sparked by the Internet, and has changed the very face of modern commerce. Though more and more stores dealing with stamps mushroomed across the United States to cater to the immense demand of stamps from different quarters in the mid 20th century, it was the popularity of the Internet that gave an immense boost to this trade in the form of numerous online rubber stamp stores offering the latest in stamps and pampering the customers with numerous add-ons.

Contrary to the initial belief that online stamp stores can never replace traditional outlets, online stamping concerns have started doing greater business. Uncomplicated procedures, easy payment methods, access to valuable information about products and excellent quality ensure that more customers buy products from these online stores. It would not really be fair to say that the online shopping channel has completely replaced the traditional one, but yes, an increasing number of people are realizing the convenience that comes with the Internet.

Considering the fact that deadlines are no longer synonymous with the newspaper profession and almost every customer insists on faster deliveries, the best online stamping stores like XpressStamp offer to deliver orders in minimum time possible, say a maximum of 78 hours. Of course, faster deliveries come with the assurance of quality for, ignoring the latter in the modern day competitive market is a sure route to doom. The same has had a definite positive impact on the quality offered. More manufacturers are also realizing the importance of good quality and offering the customers the best available.

Research by internationally reputed agencies has proved that discounts offered on products are not really a determining factor with regard to sales. Several websites have tried to lure potential customers with rebates but the response has proved that the contemporary buyer is more interested in the quality aspect of the product rather than discounts. In fact, this is a really positive trend and has resulted in the improvement of overall quality, not just in the business of stamping but also in others. Top websites dealing in stamps have started concentrating more on the quality of goods so that customers keep coming back again and again.

Innovative new products in the stamps market

The latest rage in the stamping industry, flash stamps and demand for the same has reached an all time high. Of course, this doesn’t really mean that rubber stamps have become obsolete. However, newer products like flash stamps are definitely generations ahead of their predecessors. Offering excellent value for money, flash stamps are hassle free and ‘cleaner’ as compared to rubber stamps for you don’t have to use an ink pad. Moreover the impressions made by flash stamps give a more ‘professional’ look. Despite the fact that flash stamps are more expensive as compared to rubber stamps, an increasing number of people are opting for them. This also proves that price is not the only factor that determines the popularity of a product. It is basically value for money that governs the contemporary buyer’s decision.

Modern day stamp manufacturers are also witnessing a dramatic increase in orders for multi-colors stampscoming from both institutions and individuals. Gone are the days when people would use only single color stamps. Serving more than one purpose, these multicolored stamps are popular not just among traditional buyers but also artists around the world.

With technology and innovations providing newer, better options to people, stamps available today are truly high end and high quality. Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or a business house, stamping solutions can really enhance many aspects of your working. So pick from the range of stamps available today– better still, go online, browse and order stamps online from the convenience of your desk. Ordering high quality stamps was never easier!

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