Greeting cards are the best way to express yourself and your emotions. Cards for sending greetings are the ultimate way of telling someone special that you care. A greeting card says much more than a few words for you.

Sending and receiving a greeting card does not require any special occasion. You can send them anytime, anywhere.

These days, online greeting cards are proving a popular choice. People all over the world are exchanging greetings within a few clicks.

The origin of Greeting cards

The tradition of sending greeting cards to friends and family can be traced back to the mid1800s. Initially greeting cards were sent by the elite to share their private messages. They were hand-made cards and were quite expensive. With the introduction of world’s first postage stamp in 1840, greeting cards gained immense popularity. By 1850 printers and manufacturers hired the talented artists and incepted the idea of designing affordable greeting cards for the public.

The world’s oldest greeting card was made in 1400s. It was a Valentine’s Card and is preserved in the British Museum. Until 1700’s Valentine’s greeting cards and New Year greeting cards were the most popular categories of sending these cards. During 1800s Valentine’s greeting cards began printing in factories. A series of different varieties of greeting cards shot up. Greeting cards for St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and thanksgiving are to name but a few. Today almost every occasion has its own greeting card following.

By conventional standards, you can classify greeting cards into various categories:

The special occasion of family and friends such as their birthdays and anniversaries welcome a host of greeting cards. These special occasion cards are the popular greeting cards’ category and it can be further categorized into various sub-classes.

Birthday cards get categorized as son, father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunty, daughter, friend, lover and almost for every other human relationship. Birthday cards cover almost all the relationships that are possible on this earth. Birthday greeting cards come with exquisite illustrations. You can get the designer as well as custom made greeting cards in a very wide range for sending birthday wishes.

Birthday cards are also available with cute and funny messages. They come with humorous illustrations and variations. If you want to check out these cards, simply walk into a greetings shop and see for yourself. The other thing you can is have a look online and view a wide variety of greeting cards.

The same categories apply for anniversary greeting cards.

Festival cards are an important category of greeting cards. Christmas cards storm the markets during the Christmas season. People buy Christmas cards and send them to their relatives, friends and loved ones. Christmas is an important festival and is celebrated worldwide. So there are numerous varieties of Christmas greetings available in the market. Greeting cards manufacturers make handsome profits during the Christmas seasons as the sale of greeting cards soars tremendously.

Then there are special occasion cards like Halloween greeting cards, Valentine’s Day greeting cards and New Year greeting cards. These special occasion cards include special messages for the special occasions. These cards come with romantic messages for the loved ones. The illustration and content is specially designed so as to create a romantic mood and express the most inexplicable feelings of a person.

There are other types of greeting cards available in the market, like get well soon cards, miss you cards and much more. Friendship cards and love cards are also available in the market. Then there are greeting cards that even help you to say sorry.

These greeting cards in some or the other ways have become an essential part of your life. You send or receive greeting cards marking the special occasions often. Greeting cards are truly a great way of telling someone that you really care.

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