If you have teenage children, or young friends, or vulnerable partners, you may worry about them being exposed to illicit drug taking. Drug testing serves two purposes: it allows interested and legally allowed parties to perform tests on certain people who might have used drug of abuse, and it allows those under suspicion to clear their names.

Alcohol tests

Whether we like it, or not, alcohol is part of human lives. There are many false statements about the benefits, or otherwise of alcohol in many countries and societies.

Monitoring devices

Time has become one of the more precious commodities in modern world. We want to use this time conveniently and comfortably, and if possible, in the relaxed surroundings of our homes.

Forensic tests

The Forensic testing devices uses the most advanced methods for analyzing specimens. DNA Identification, Explosives Detection, or Surface Drug Test Kits will be helpful for all your forensic needs.

Ovulation tests

There is a hormone called LH (Luteinizing hormone), which is always present in the body in small quantity but surges around the middle of the menstrual cycle when it is released by the pituary gland in a bigger quantity than at any other time in the menstrual cycle.

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