As your teen embarks on their college adventures the excitement; apprehension and general chaos can be distracting. The process of your child leaving home for the first time is daunting. You want them to be prepared for their college experience. Being prepared is much more than just knowing what to pack for college. In order for the transition to be easier there are a number of areas that need to be organized. Equipping yourself with the basics is a good place to begin.

Many major department stores will offer you a comprehensive guide outlining what to pack for college. Before you go on a shopping spree assess all the information you have. How much room will there be in your child’s room? How much can he/she realistically pack and carry? How are you going to transport it?
The answers to these questions will help you decide on what to pack for college. Itemise your list into essentials and luxuries.

Once you know what to pack for college you need to figure out the best approach to this sometimes-overwhelming task. You can minimise the stress for yourself and your teen in several ways. The number one thing to remember is not to leave it to the last minute. Your child may be attending college across town or in another state, either way you don’t want to spend your last few weeks together in department stores. Being organized early will benefit you and your child. You will be able to enjoy your time together without stress and your child will feel more relaxed and ready to face the challenges ahead. Getting things done early is a simple and effective way to minimise the chaos that often precedes this kind of move.

Part of being organized is working with a budget. There is a lot you need to purchase so its best to budget for the expense and don’t go over board. Stick to your planned budget and make use of other resources to equip your child. They may already have a lot of what they need at home, older brothers or sisters may be able to pass down items and second hand goods are a viable option. Included in your considerations might be whether it would be more expensive to buy the goods at home and ship items to the college or allow your child to go shopping for essentials upon arrival.

A couple of items you can pack will help your child with some of basics you have been doing for them for years. When thinking about what to pack for college you may want to consider some simple tips to improve appearance. These may include teaching your child some simple tips to improve appearance in terms of presentation and cleanliness. Some essential items are shampoo, conditioner, soap, moisturiser, toothpaste, razor, Chap Stick, brush or comb. Any vitamins, painkillers or medicines required, first aid kit, carry along lint brush, laundry bag, Pre-laundry stain stick detergent, ironing blanket, clothes hangers and iron.

Some other simple tips to improve appearance encompass laundry tips for freshmen. A laundry basket for your room is essential, this will keep clothes of the floor and help you to stay organized and on top of your laundry. A laundry bag is a good idea, as you will be sharing your facilities with a lot of others. Keeping your laundry is a contained bag while washing will ensure you don’t leave items behind. Laundry tips for freshmen in terms of what to pack for college includes detergent, stain remover, clothing bags and clothes hangers. You can also really reduce your laundry worries by packing suitable clothing. One of the main Laundry tips for freshmen is to pack to suit your lifestyle. You may find it hard to get to a dry cleaner between classes so it is best to pack suitable clothing.

Knowing what to pack for college and how to organize your packing will certainly take the stress out of sending your child away to school. Simple tips to improve appearance will help you child adjust to the adult world he or she is entering. The best thing you can do for your child is to prepare them for the challenges they will face not only academically but domestically as well.

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