“Name Squeeze Pages”. If you haven’t heard of them yet, now you have and you’ll soon find out WHY most of the TOP Internet marketers use them and why you too must take advantage of them.

But, before I get into the meat and potatoes of the WHY’s, I think it’s important for you to understand what “Name Squeeze Pages” are so that you won’t be lost when reading the rest of this article.

So, with that said, a “Name Squeeze Page” by definition is simply a single web page that has only one purpose, and that is… to capture the Names and Email Addresses of your visitors and/or potential customers.

That’s it. You don’t need to look any further into it then that.

Now that you know the What, now it’s time for the Why you must take advantage of them.

Well… here it is straight up. You need to take advantage of “Name Squeeze Pages” because they are the ‘tool’ that will build your online business and targeted Opt-In list of subscribers that you can sell to over and over again without spending a single penny on advertising.

How’s that of a WHY answer?

Well, that’s just one reason. There’s more.

What if I told you that by setting up a “Name Squeeze Page” you could run your whole online business on Auto-Pilot?

I’m not kidding and here’s WHY.

The other and most critical part of your “Name Squeeze Page” that I haven’t told you about yet is the Opt-In form(that’s where you enter your Name and Email Address) and what it’s main function is.

Your Opt-In form is just part of what is called a “Autoresponder”.

And a “Autoresponder” is simply a service that will send out a sequence of pre-written emails by you at what ever schedule you choose, to who ever decides to Opt-In for what it is you are offering.(ex. Free Report,eBook,eCourse, etc.)

Why is your “Autoresponder” the most critical part of your “Name Squeeze Page” you ask?

The answers quite simple. Your “Autoresponder” is what will Automate your entire online business, no matter what your selling, taking away the need of you having to follow-up with every subscriber manually.

All your required to do is load it up with your pre-written sales offers and up-sells.

Just imagine the time you’ll save by setting up a “Name Squeeze Page” for your Product or Service, or affiliate products if you don’t have your own, because the facts are, once your visitor visits your website and decides not to purchase what it is you have to offer, they are gone forever. But, if you have a “Name Squeeze Page” set up with an enticing offer and they decide to Opt-In for it, now you’ve got them for life.

Pretty POWERFUL stuff!

I hope this made sense to you and turned the light bulb on upstairs because the facts are, if your not using a “Name Squeeze Page” to build a list for your online business, then your really not building a business.

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