If you are breastfeeding your baby, then nursing Bras are vital. This bra is very comfortable when feeding your baby since it allows easy access to your breast.

How Do They Work?

These bras have a fastening between the cups or may have zips under each cup or sometimes, a fastening on the shoulder strap at the top of the cups, to release the cups down. The bra as a whole may be made up of a stretchy material which is easy for you to pull down, so you can feed your baby by just pulling it open.

You may find that feeding your baby while wearing a Wireless bra is a lot more comfortable than feeding with an Underwire bra. Bras that have flaps are also found to be easier when feeding. The baby can easily access your breast without any restriction.

So How Do You Choose?

Nursing bras should be made up of a high cotton content material, since they help in keeping your breasts cool. You should have wide straps that should not slip from your shoulder and of course, they must give you good support.

You should choose a bra that fits you very well, since ill-fitting bras will not only be a source of great discomfort but will also affect your milk production.

The last 2-4 weeks of your pregnancy is the best time for you to go shopping for nursing bras. This is a good time to buy, as your breasts would now be ready with milk for the newborn. You can get expert suggestions for selecting the correct fitting bra.

The design should be very simple. A netted design or lace design may look fancy but you may feel some pain when your nipples get entangled in the net or lace.

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