Being a fan of any celebrity, particularly musicians, you may come to a point in your life where you want to have them autograph a CD, poster, or photo. Many fans collect autographs to display proudly in a showroom and many people collect autographs as a way to earn a profit by selling them later on down the road. Whatever your reason, getting a celebrity autograph can be quite a difficult task but not impossible.

If the person you are seeking an autograph from is fairly new in their career, it is much easier to request their autograph. A new career means that these musicians are playing the smaller venues, many of these venues allow for easy access backstage or to meet and greets after a show. These budding new artists are also usually more than willing to sign an autograph as they appreciate their fans much more in the beginning. You can often get photo opportunities as well as an autographed CD or photo.

Musicians who are at the high point in their career are often more difficult to attain an autograph from. You may have to join their online fan clubs for meet and greet opportunities. Even then, meet and greets are highly protected and do not allow personal photos or videos to be taken. You are often allowed an autograph and a digital photo taken by a professional photographer who will send digital versions of the photos via email. Meeting a celebrity through methods other than meet and greets usually requires some type of “hook up.” Meaning, if you know someone who has some type of personal connection to the musician, the higher your chance of meeting them and requesting a photo and autograph.

A singer who is towards the end of their career or simply not as popular as they once were, are often more than willing to take a photo with you and sign an autograph. By this point in their career, they realize that the fans keep their bills paid and appreciate them more. Many celebrities continue to be approachable throughout all stages of their careers. However, they are much easier to connect with during the very early stages or late stages of their careers. Many celebrities who never regain momentum very often continue to have a strong fan base, so their autographs can still continue to be worth some value.

Once you have a nice collection of autographs, you can either keep them for yourself as nice reminders of meeting your favorite celebrities, or you can offer them up for auction and earn a nice profit from them. You can sell celebrity autographs at online auctions or specialty sites that deal with celebrity autographs. Depending on the celebrity and how controversial their lives are or were can determine just how much you can make. You would be surprised at what some celebrity autographs can go for. Also remember that you can purchase autographs and turn around and sell them for profit. Just be sure to learn about authenticity before purchasing random autographs.

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