Here are a few ways for you to pick up more office cleaning contracts for your business. You can use these methods over and over again so that you can build a system that generates more office cleaning contracts consistently. That should be your goal. Considering you won’t get every contract you bid on, you must know that the more quotes you provide to potential customers, the more potential contracts you will pick up.

Cold Calls:

This is a fantastic way to get more office cleaning contracts. Although I’m sure you probably hate talking to people on the phone, this is a little different. You are not going to be trying to close the sale over the phone. You simply want the chance to meet with the client so that you can present them with your proposal. That is when you will close the sale. And because of this, most potential clients will meet with you because they know that they are not under any obligation to do anything with you.

Newspaper advertising:

Advertise your business in all the local newspapers. Most people who own businesses look in there frequently for services they require for there businesses. One line ads won’t really do anything in terms of return on investment. I would recommend something with some images that can stand out and grab the customer. Don’t forget to include all your contact information.

Internet Advertising:

You can also advertise your website all over the internet. Look up local classified ad websites for your local area, and advertise your business in there as well. The great thing about advertising on the internet is that you can also add a link back to your website which is great for your web presence. It will also help with link exchanges, employee recruitment, and more. Use these 3 ways and pick up more office cleaning contracts.

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