Offshore Outsourcing is now a widely known compelling business strategy several companies, from small to large scaled ones, had been turning onto to continually maintain their stable status in today’s overly competitive market. This approach has already been globally proven beneficial and reliable as well.

Having an outsourcing company to rely on gives you the following advantages:

•There would be no further need for you to worry about government taxes, manpower related fees, unemployment insurance costs, etc.
•You can now give your full concentration on the core of your business since the recruitment and staff management will then be entrusted to us.
•Keeps your mind away from the worrisome budget allotment and complicated tasks associated with traditional recruitment matters.
•Great customer experience that can be provided by our friendly team.
•Flexibility in time schedules since we are functioning 24 hours a day, ensuring adjustability unto your prescribed time frame.
•Additional revenues due to operating and overhead costs reduction.
•Our leased employees come fully equipped with proper working area and tools such as computers, internets, etc. along with its accessories. You will only be paying us a fraction of the cost in comparison to the actual charges of using local manpower resources in your area.

Prime Outsourcing is a professional offshore employee leasing and outsourcing company. We provide you with high quality and low priced outsourcing services. We take charge of the intensive recruitment and proper supervision of your remote employees. Therefore, allowing you to focus on your core business – your company’s strategic growth and development.

Our company has the perfect Asian location- Manila, Philippines- the largest English speaking country in Asia. With this strategic location, you surely will be encountering no difficulties relating with our employees concerning your specified project requirements.

Our integrated team is composed of web specialists, developers, graphic designers, video editors, and other professionals- who are willing to provide you great services and will surely consummate the qualifications you had set. They are individuals that exhibit dependability, flexibility and dedication to excellence. All of them are college graduates with bachelor degree and most of them have several years of experience- a guarantee that you will have only the best.

Sending your human resources to us gives you all the cost, quality, and time advantages that Prime Outsourcing can provide. Furthermore, it moves you one step ahead of the competition.

You have your dreams and, together, we will reach them. Your goals are our goals too!

Give us a try and experience the prime quality service that we offer. You surely won’t regret it.

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