Many adolescents would like to become scriptwriters or film directors and in pursuing this goal they experiment making their own movies, which is the first footstep on the road to Hollywood. Homemade movies will provide the knowledge of the basic abilities that are needed in the film industry. Home-produced films cannot be compared to Hollywood’s big productions but you will probably love yours better than any other film. Nowadays, there are a lot of resources available that allow you create excellent pieces of work even with very little money. These days the making of your movie is a dream that can become real.

Let’s analyze which are the steps you’ll have to follow so as to achieve your aim. First of all, you would like to find a good story for your movie. It is not necessary to create a work of art from the very beginning. You just need to have a plot and an idea of the characteristics of some of the main characters. The story can be plain, dealing with lighthearted themes such as a love story between adolescents or it can be quite intricate, for example a psychological drama. It is wise to concentrate on a particular theme and elaborate on that in a creative way. When you are writing the story it is useful to include a conflict from where the plot will develop and the way out to that problem. You should always write the plot thinking about the scenes from a visual point of view.

When the phase dealing with the plot and the characters is done, you will have to concentrate on the actors. Of course you are not going to employ professionals actors, you won’t be able to afford them, but in any case you have friends and family who will eagerly help you. It is your responsibility to direct them and to encourage them toward your goal. Being the director of the movie, it is up to you to give the necessary information to the actors to perform their part well, transmitting your thoughts and feeling about the story and characters.

Another step will be to find the shooting location for the movie. This depends on the financial resources you have. So if you don’t have enough money for equipment you will have to think of other alternatives other than buying. The location can help you overcome these difficulties. Choose a place from which you can take some advantages for example natural illumination. Before shooting the scenes you will need to check whether the lights are suitable for your purpose because if not you will be wasting time and money.

One of the equipments you won’t be able to do without is the camera. Nowadays, there are many of them that will allow you to do an excellent job. If you cannot afford to buy a high-quality camera, remember that a skilful direction can mend for deficiency in technology. One thing that is important is to have a camera that allows for output digital media. With these tools you will be able to do the editing of your recording in your computer. Keeping a record of the scenes will help you with the editing stage. Before filming, write down all the scenes and cross them out as you shoot them.

The next step is the edition of recordings. This is probably the longest stage. There is some free software, for example iMovie, which you can download from the web that will make things easier for you. There are some professional programs as well but they are more expensive but if you can afford them, they are a good alternative. Most of these kinds of programs let you insert special effects, subtitles, etc. You should also think of the benefits you can gain from the people around you. They have talents, abilities and resources that can bring to the project.

So, live your dream now that is possible. You have lots of resources at hand and you should take advantage of that. Take the risk and start now. Once you start, you will find that people will be enthusiastic about being part of your work. Remember that when you see your work finish the reward will be great.

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