A non-traditonal party is an open house. It is very similar to traditional party, but there are some differences. Most importantly, an open house offers your guests greater convenience. Because open houses longer than traditional parties, your guests have a larger window of opportunity to visit you. Normally, open houses are scheduled earlier in the day than many parties. Open houses are usually daytime affairs.

Open houses require the same amount of planning as traditional parties. Because they are longer affairs, they are usually less structured. The longer schedule allows your guests to come and go more freely.

Open houses are great neighborhood parties. The less formal style fits perfectly this kind of event. It gives people living on the same street interact freely without worrying about a schedule. Your neighbors can drop by for a few minutes or several hours. It is up to them how long they stay. Your guests can arrive at different times throughout the day.

An open house allows you to have a party without having to manage its progression much. It is normally an informal event that requires no structure. You simply dedicate a certain amount of time for the open house that allows your guests to come and go whenever they please. Because there are usually no activities to plan you don’t have to worry about a schedule. Due to the more relaxed atmosphere, you may have more time to socialize.

Keep in mind that open house parties are longer than traditional parties. Therefore, the food you serve should hold up for the entire duration of the party. The foods your serve should not spoil easily. Make sure you have enough extra food to accommodate unexpected guests. Some of your guests may bring additional people, so be prepared to fee a couple of extra guests. Appetizers and various finger foods are great for open houses.

Because open houses are long affairs, you need to have a lot of energy to keep the party going all day. You should try to delegate as much as you can to help you with the workload. Welcoming guests throughout the day can be exhausting, so save your energy.

Final tip: Make sure your guests understand that they are invited to an open house and inform them of the duration of the party in advance.

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