Paid online surveys have recently become very popular among home based business opportunities. This is a common and often a preferred way for entrepreneurs to earn extra money without the hassle of leaving their home.

How to find Paid Online Surveys

You can find paid online surveys by searching the internet. There are many companies that held surveys for their clients and that would pay good money for your opinion. A good starting point for your research would be some forums discussing the topic. You will see which online paid surveys are good, which ones to avoid, which bring more money etc.

What to look for in paid online surveys provider?

After you have found paid online surveys provider check carefully the terms and conditions before applying or committing to something. Be prepared that some web sites will ask you for an application fee in order to add you to their database. While this fee is usually minor, do not just go and pay it. Believe it or not even the best looking web site can turn to be a fraud. You can end up paying the application fee and never start receiving surveys.

You should also check the rest of the conditions. What is the average payment per survey – it can vary from $10 to $100 so you better know in advance. How many surveys will you receive per week or per month. How the money will be transferred to you – the company conducting the survey can send you a check or the money can be transferred by Pay Pal or through a bank transfer. Regardless the specific method always make sure of the procedure and check if it suitable for you. Are there any fees (like percentage of your earnings) that the web site is charging? Some agencies charge a membership fee, other earn from the company who requests the survey, third earn by their members. You should be fully aware of the payment conditions to avoid disappointment. Be very careful of disclosing your personal details. You should have no problems if you are dealing with a legitimate survey company. However there are a lot of fake “marketing agencies” that will offer you paid online surveys just to get hold of the personal details of as many people as possible. They may sell them to other companies and you may end up receiving thousands of unsolicited mail or SPAM. So first, make sure you are dealing with a serious and legitimate company and task questions regarding privacy. Only after you are confident and satisfied with the answers go ahead and apply.

These are the basics of paid online surveys. You may want to try it yourself. Most online surveys will take you about 30 minutes to complete and you can do it in your spare time or on your coffee break. The more money you earn the more time you will suddenly want to spend.

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