‘Painting is just a leisure activity , so it’s a waste of time!’ That’s what most people tend to think. But is it really?

When I started meddling with water colors, I was only five or so, but I still remember the joy of discovering new hues and ways to brighten my plain white paper. It was a magic touch of light that carried me away into a new realm of amazement and joy. My parents bought me some colors and a small brush hoping to keep me busy indoors for some time and out of mischief! But this device has been keeping me busy till now! I can’t imagine my life without it. It just would be so very dull!

It’s a pity some people have not tried to discover yet the joy of drawing and painting , or any other form of art. If you belong to those who believe that it is a waste of time, just think of so many things are a real waste of time, but not this one.

Being creative releases a part of your soul , you feel free ,you feel you can do everything , because imagination can do everything. You are a different person and if you have problems to solve, then this is the best way to do it. Let yourself be creative, release your energy on art and you will feel calm and confident to go on.
There is no wonder why some people use Art Therapy. They’ve found out the terrific advantages of this method on people’s feelings and behavior.

And beware. You don’t need to be an artist!
“I can’t draw a straight line,’ most people would say. ‘So, what?’ Practice makes perfect! That old saying applies so well in this case. You can discover your hidden talent and become an excellent artist , or you can simply enjoy yourself in a creative way! However, it doesn’t really matter how good or bad your creation might be, it is yourself you are displaying in it, not your professional abilities.

So, take the first step. Get a piece of paper and start now. Here are some tips to get you started.

And don’t forget to enjoy it!

watercolor: tips

First you need either a single sheet of paper or a watercolor block.
Directly before starting work, the paper is well dampened and stuck , or pinned down.

A single wetting is not enough. It takes a while for dry paper to soak up enough water.
While the paper is relatively dry before another wetting, you can lay in a few pencil outlines of your intended picture. The lead should not be too soft, H is about right.

After the drawing, dampen the page again and leave it to dry while you get the paints ready.

Always keep 2 jars of water at hand: one for washing out the brushes and the other, filled with clear water for the pipette or for clean brushes.

Brushes: No 6 is OK.
Paints: Keep them in a tin box. Pans are more economical, but it takes longer to soften. Tubes are simpler.

Sponge cloths or rags are needed to wipe palettes clean.

BLUE –prussian blue
YELLOW- Ochre golden ochre
RED- Mars red
GREEN – Viridian

560 wds

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