It is said that Panama corporations are the anonymous corporations is the world. So what is this Anonymity with the Panama Corporation? It is said, under Panama law a bearer share corporation can be owned by the physical certificates of stock with no recorded owner in a public registry or database. The stock certificates can be privately be transferred with no record of the sale appearing anywhere at the same time the new owner can replace the directors with their own directors and have resignation letters in his possession for the directors.

A Panama corporation can own stock trading accounts, bank accounts, real estate, boats, cars, planes, art jewelry, businesses and other valuable assets without having to reveal the actual ownership of the corporation. There can be additional complex strategies that can be employed using the lawyer in performing certain functions for the corporation.

The Panama Banking secrecy and IBC are strong. Any bank in the civilized world requires a beneficial owner of any bank account also requires identity documents for that, but it is different for Panama bank since all the Panama bank secrecy laws are often considered the best in the world. A Panama bearer share corporation is completed in two to three business days after the submission of information.

The Panama bearer share corporation benefits include the annual fees Panama government charges for the corporations of Panama bank which is 300 US dollars. The renewal annual fees starts in the second year with only 695 US dollars and this include 300 US dollars government fees and three nominee directors and the resident agent address for the corporation. It also includes regular annual meetings of the share holders, which includes the directors, owners and the nominee directors of the corporation. The corporation financial records are protected according to the law and terms. The resident of Panama Corporation doesn’t keep the share certificates in their possession and does not have any obligation to maintain records for the corporation. For the corporation in Panama the shares are issued in physical bearer form which is similar to the old bearer bonds. Articles of incorporation are the only documents publicly recorded. The actual owners are the judicial or the natural persons who have the physical shares of the corporation.

If you have a Panama corporation than there is a guarantee of you to get a Panama Bank account without traveling to Panama, identification like a notarized drivers license, notarized passport and bank reference letter and a business reference letter and a minimum of 1000 US dollars deposit can be sent.

The Panama bank customer support staffs speak bilingual languages English and Spanish and they are there to help with your queries any time.

Make all the necessary inquiries necessary so that you can be very comfortable about being one of the customers or clients with Panama offshore bank.

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