Dependant on how this part of the process is approached it can be a stress free or stressfull experience.

All Media I’ve read on the subject recomend an adversarial role between you the customer and them the sales proffessional. The objective of course is to have a fair and equitable deal for all is it not?

Some recomend that the customer should give nothing away ( in the way of information which may put them in a weak negotiating position ) In all successfull negotiation there should be no WINNER, only both parties agreeing to mediate their position in order to find common agreement.

With this in mind and drawing from experience I would recommend a personable and pleasant
commencement of proceedings bearing in mind at this point you have already done your homework as suggested in part 1 and are in a position to at least know the vehicle you would like to buy and how much you are prepared to pay (as a fair price).

Lets assume that you have arrived at the garage where the car that you are interested in is situated. You park and wander over to the vehicle of your choice, a Ford Fiesta on this occasion, its the right age and mileage for you, the right colour and the price is within £300 of the Parkers recommended value. You are approached by the salesperson who introduces themself with,

“What can I do for you, my name is Peter”

What do you do?

I’ve seen customers respond in many different ways, some of which I’ve listed below

  1. Ignore him and continue your inspection of the car (happens alot does nothing towards building a relationship with a person you may have to spend some time with in order to purchase the car and although you’ve given nothing away creates an atmosphere of dislike and awkwardness.)
  2. Say “Nothing thanks just looking” Again this response creates an adversarial atmosphere and hard work on both parts will be required in order to regain even status.
  3. Whats wrong with “Yeah Hi my name is Mr Graeme Smith I’ve come here to see this car and would like you to tell me something of its history” Not only is this a normal response but relaxes both parties and allows for a more laid back approach during the coming negotiation.

In my experience the customers who adopt this approach generally get the best deal rather than those who are extremely hard
and un co-operative.

This is a small taster of more to come, look out for part 3 Agreeing a deal.

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