There is one thing certain about parties; they cost money. The question you have to answer is, how much money are you able or willing to spend on the party. If you have a limited budget, you can organize a potluck, where all the invited guests are expected to bring something. When you host your party at home, you are more likely to spend less than having your party at a hotel ballroom or a fancy restaurant.

No matter how small your party is, you must set a budget. Your budget has to be a realistic one. Don’t plan on spending fifty dollars per guests, when you can only afford ten. Your budget will determine how many people you should invite. One of the first tasks you have is to set your budget. Make sure your budget is somewhat flexible. You may need to spend money on unanticipated expenses.

The kind of party you are planning will have a great impact on your budget. For example, a wedding is going to require a very different budget than a Memorial Day backyard barbeque party. The number of guests you invite doesn’t always determine your budget. a small formal dinner could easily cost more than a Hot Dogs and Hamburgers backyard event.

A small budget doesn’t have to be a dull boring party with bad food. If you are creative, you can provide great entertainment for your guests. Good cooks are famous for creating great food with the most modest ingredients. If you can’t afford an all around expensive event, you can focus more on just one aspect of the party. For example, you may purchase an expensive gourmet cake.

You don’t have to get in debt to have a great event. A big budget is certainly very nice, but it doesn’t guarantee good times. The people you invite, your friends and family present at the party, should have a lot more to do with how everyone feels than how much money per guest you are able to spend. Most importantly, it is people that make us feel good or rotten about an event not just what kind of food we were served.

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