As they climb up the corporate ladder, modern corporate executives normally experience and try to deal with the modern social problem called anxiety. You might be making that “make or break” project presentation in front of the board, and you know that that is the time where you can make your first — or maybe your last impression. You might be preparing to talk to a new, fresh batch of employees who are, by all indications, better trained than you and only lack the experience in the field. You might end up in a situation that is nowhere near similar to the above. And, ultimately, it won’t matter because there are a million situations that could trigger performance anxiety.

Now, being nervous and afraid is perfectly natural, but having performance anxiety is not. This distressful condition is not only confined to the problems in the boudoir. It is experienced by thousands of people every single day who find something to be nervous about. Nervousness is a reaction that can keep you alert and on your toes. Fear can help you focus on the task at hand, as well as providing you with something to take as a challenge. The average human psyche is capable of handling or adapting to both problems. However, performance anxiety is not something that you can deal with on your own, even under the most normal of circumstances. Performance anxiety takes fear and nervousness to an entirely new level. Once struck by it, people can even be psychologically crippled and lose their ability to competently operate on a social and professional level.

Performance anxiety is something that can be overcome with the proper combination of prescription drugs and therapy. Anti anxiety drug options come in a wide variety, which provides people dealing with performance anxiety issues a wide range of options. While all drug variants, as well as most other drugs that a psychiatrist or doctor might prescribe, target the central nervous system, some medications can have therapeutic effects on more than one particular disorder.

Benzodiazepine is one among many key ingredients of drugs concocted to control anxiety, though by no means is it the absolute core component. The relief obtained from drugs based on this particular family of compounds is often short-term. On a positive note, this family of anti anxiety drug is quick-acting and a good way to stave off an anxiety attack at the last minute.

Certain barbiturates have also been said to act as similar to a benzodiazepine-based drug and have longer effects than your typical benzodiazepine, but most studies show that barbiturates are also habit-forming. In rare cases, a barbiturate is actually more likely to cause a person suffering from performance anxiety to form an addiction. For those interested in alternative medicine, there are a variety of herbal treatments that have been known to be used as an anti anxiety drug. However, more research still needs to be done to determine the balance between folklore and science to determine the real effects of these herbal treatments.

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