It’s definitely a Happy New Year for most of us. Certainly, most have spent their new year partying and drinking. Some have also celebrated it with fireworks. Sadly though, each year fire crackers destroy lives and properties. Most of these accidents are a result of ignorance, carelessness and neglect. But these accidents can be avoided if people are only careful of handling these explosives.

The alarming rate of firework victims makes hospitals busy each year. What is more alarming is that most of these victims are children. It is essential to note that firecrackers should not be given to children. As children are easily excited in seeing fire works, they oftentimes do not know what they are doing. They underestimate the dangers of these firecrackers and as a result accidents happen. Understand that firecrackers can be immensely dangerous to children. They can injure their body parts, leave them blind and if parents are not careful, their children can be poisoned by these firecrackers. But fireworks do not only injure users but injure innocent onlookers as well.

If accidents do happen it is important to always be ready with first aid kits to provide emergency treatments. This way any infection or further injury can be avoided. It always pays to be ready, hence, parents should have emergency first aid kits at home especially during New Year celebration when accidents are likely to occur.

Although campaigns and advisories are given each year to warn people of safety precautions to take when setting off fireworks, some people never listen. Some take for granted the warnings and realize their mistakes only when it is too late. Perhaps one of the reasons why fireworks continue to injure people is because people don’t give much attention to how dangerous these explosives can be. People don’t realize that there is much to fireworks than colorful, attractive and amazing displays of colors. People don’t realize the danger of fireworks until they are injured. And children and adults alike should exercise extra care when around fireworks. Additionally, it never hurts to follow safety precautions when setting off fireworks. Only when people are very careful and cautious in using fireworks can accidents be prevented. And if you are unsure of how to use fireworks, it is better not to light one at all.

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