In ancient times, printing is done with the use of bare hands. This was called lithography. However, as we step in the modern era, the art of printing developed with it.

The first thing that was invented was the typewriter. Said invention was indeed such a dramatic invention. Although it was manually operated, it was already considered as a great contribution to prints. It makes the work easier and more efficient than handwriting.

After typewriter is the invention of photocopier. The first brand was Xerox. With this invention, printed materials are easily reproduced and made available to everyone. Xerox machine has revolutionalized replication or repetition of prints to as much copies as the customer wants. This machine made the printing process fast and simple. They just have to put a copy inside it and wait. That’s the most the copier can demand.

In connection to printing presses are also discovered. With it, the burdensome lithography is made easier through the use of machines. Printing bulks is no longer time consuming. In fact, it is made faster and more accurate.

The most remarkable innovation was the computer. With wide screen, user-friendly commands, easy buttons and reliable printers, you can reproduce the exact material you want. Mistake is not a big bother since spelling and grammar errors can be easily detected and corrected. With just a push of a button, a lot of copies can already be printed. This is the birth of digital wholesale printing.

Digital wholesale printing is the right process for printing many copies. Since it is done digitally, then it will be easy for the printer to do it. Thus, your printing job can have faster turnaround.

The tedious and exhaustive process of printing is now made easy and more effective with these inventions and innovations. What used to be simple black and white prints are dramatically transformed into colorful works of art. They are done digitally thus, easier, faster and more effective. Inks that fade so fast are now made lasting and permanent. What else can you ask for?

Well, time is still evolving and lots of inventions and innovations are yet to come. As we anticipate for the future developments, let u enjoy today’s printing momentum!

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