It has been quite a while when ‘paperless office’ was conceptualized. Said concept is positive that paper can be discarded in doing business. Nevertheless, none of the businesses today use said concept. The reason is that the present era is not ready yet. Lots of business transactions can not be had without paper around.

Still, paper is crucial to businesses. Perhaps, the concept of paperless office is possible but not at this present time. There are still special considerations to deal with and one of it is the legal matter like issuing a signed receipt in paper.

Since paper is indispensable, we have to make sure that we choose the best quality that it can offer. First things first, paper is made of cellulose pulp from wood chips. Essentially, it is used for writing, printing and wrapping.

Paper is classified into several types one of it is business paper. The latter is further classified. The first type is the economy paper. This paper is printer-friendly. Any printer or copier will do. This can be used for memos and other documents. This is also good for laser color printing.

Another type is the inkjet paper. This paper has good printing results when it done in an inkjet printer. However, this is not suitable to laser color printing.
Copy paper is another type. This is best for photocopying business needs. However, this may be a little costly than economy paper.

Laser paper, on the other hand, is designed to give high-quality results when printed in laser printers especially when you are quite meticulous in preciseness of colors. This type is one of the expensive papers in the market.

Wove or laid paper more popularly known as bond paper, is designed specially for important business correspondence. This type looks more elegant and highly professional. It is available in several colors. Aside from white, grey and cream is also available. This type of paper is also used in some online printing four color printing needs in and out of office.

Finally, there is also what is called all-purpose paper. This is designed for general business printing. This type of paper may be more expensive than most papers.

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