The digital technology has introduced innovative ideas on printing that has made printing into a pleasurable and enjoyable endeavor. Take for example stickers-stickers are very easy to create especially with the use of Adobe Photoshop. Sticker making has been made so easy that even kids can now create their own stickers. With the use of the shape tools in Adobe Photoshop various sticker projects have become affordable and easy.

The step by step procedure in creating sticker is so easy to follow since the Adobe Photoshop is a user friendly software. The first step in creating your own sticker is to open up the work area in the Adobe Photoshop Elements. This is where you may choose the foreground color that you want your chosen shape to be colored. The chosen color will then appear at the bottom of the Tool Box. After which, you may choose the shape that you want from the Tool Box.

Then try to direct your attention on the Option Bar and then click on the custom shape picker to choose the shape you want. And then open a new document with a preset size of 2×3 at a 300 dpi resolution. Click on the mouse to get hold of your chosen shape and then make use of the shift key down in order to come up either with other shapes or simply make your chosen shape proportional. And if ever you want to add your photo simply open up your digital photo by applying quick fix to help you in adjusting your photo.

In case your chosen photo requires a little lighting, the Photoshop Elements has quick fix feature that will enable you to make certain adjustments in terms of the brightness and contrast you want your photo to have. After you have chosen the brightness and the contrast you may simply click OK. Now, if ever you still want to reveal or to show the hidden detail in dark shadow areas you may use the Dodge tool which is also found right in the Tool Box.

The next thing to do is to cleanup your subject and to do this you have to use the Crop tool in order to reduce the size of your chosen photo. Make use of the eraser tool to clean up or to remove the large areas surrounding your subject in the photo. But be sure to highlight first the areas that you want to delete. To do this you have to use Magic Wand tool-this tool would help you to remove selected colored areas in your photo. Or you may also use Magnetic Lasso which is a great tool for removing unwanted details.

Then after you have finished editing your photo you may now use the Magic Wand to highlight the background around the image. And afterwards you go to layer and then inverse. Make use of the Move tool to drag over the cut out image and then to position it on the shape you previously chosen.

To print your sticker you may click on the file and then print layouts and then picture package. This printing procedure is best especially for various layouts of one multiple images on a page. The next thing to do is to insert a page of removable labels upside-down in the printer and then print away.

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