Companies printing barcode labels in-house no longer have to tie-up PCs just to run their label printers, thanks to PrintPad, a dedicated barcode printing terminal.

Said to cut labelling costs while increasing productivity, the PrintPad is half the cost of a PC and is smaller than a laptop. It is rugged yet easily portable so can be used anywhere in the workplace. It is lightweight – PrintPad weighs only 800 grammes – and its compact 219mm by 178mm by 38mm dimensions mean that it is equally at home on the factory production line as in a high street store.

Customised merchandise, carton or compliance labels produced using PrintPad can incorporate text, barcodes and graphics, price and weight information and user instructions. PrintPad can print serial numbers, calculate expiry dates and log production information.

It can scan item numbers for accuracy and validate information against any stored database. The keyboard-operated PrintPad can control up to four different printers, even if each one is printing different information onto different sized labels, with the added bonus that it will support any Paxar UK printer plus literally hundreds of barcode printers from other leading printer manufacturers. Another useful feature is that PrintPad can be linked to any scanner or scales. It is both impact and water-resistant, and can be run on either mains or batteries that last for up to eight hours.

PrintPad will download, store and print thousands of records from any of the databases commonly in use around the world. It has a large Qwerty keypad and a large backlit display, 512KB of built-in Flash memory, and will store a virtually unlimited number of label formats. PrintPad also supports multiple languages and international character sets. Designing labels is easy with the LabelView label software supplied, and the system is fully 2000 compliant.

Currently two models are available, the PrintPad 1000 and the PrintPad 4000. They share many common features, with the PrintPad 4000 being the appropriate choice if more than one printer is to be controlled and if built-in barcode scanning is required. Both come with a full one-year warranty and the assurance of support from Paxar UK’s service network.

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