Who am I and why would someone hire me?
· Can I work a crowd?
· Can I work in any weather environment?
· What do I have to offer a festival or event?
· Can I be flexible enough to fit the needs of the audience?
· Can I be a team player? Will I be our partner to the producer?
· Will I promote the festival or event?
· Do I have any “non negotiable” points?
· Am I fun and enjoyable to be around?
· Am I comfortable around kids, animals, the elderly, etc.?
· Am you available for picture taking with audience? Autographs?
· Above all, can I be at the festival or event on time!!!?

Asking yourself these 12 simple questions can help you to decide if you want to perform at certain events or if you are what someone is looking for.

To make these questions work, first answer them in writing. Don’t worry about the way it is laid out, just put the words down. Most of them are simple yes or no answers. Sure there will be some that you need to explain for example: Can you work in any weather environment? You might answer no with an explanation; I’ m allergic to the sun. I can only do indoor or shaded events.

Some of the questions can be hard to answer. Am I fun and enjoyable to be around? Some folks might answer that one differently than you would! Be honest and once you’ve answered these questions you will be able to offer a quality program.

Remember if you don’t ask yourself these questions event producers will!

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