Fashion is all encompassing. Do you make fashion, or fashion makes you? How much are you affected by the latest trends? Let us look at this issue impersonally. Please view some old photographs dating about hundred years old. You will see men and women wearing different types of clothes then now. Today, the trend is different.

The word trend, latest and in fashion take away our originality. We have stopped thinking about what kind of clothes we want to wear, so that we look good and feel comfortable. Instead we find out what the celebrities are wearing. We look at the latest collections of fashion designers. We make our choice from these. We don’t make our own fashion.

This does not apply to our thinking, our motions and our value systems. In these, we have our own standards. But when it comes to fashion, we fall in queue. Why? The designers are persuading us that if we don’t follow the latest fashion, we are backward and not up to date. Friends may laugh at us. Many of us display the latest acquisitions of designer clothes that we but at exorbitant prices. We don’t question the prices of top designers. Why?

It has to do with some amount of brainwash all of us have undergone by the marketing companies. If everyone becomes independent and makes his/her own fashion, how will they survive? Many of us buy the latest clothing, wear it once or twice and then never wear it again, because it has gone out of fashion. We spend money again and buy the latest. Fashion has affected us to such an extent that we don’t question about these issues. We simply follow the herd.

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