Some of us become very rich. They began very humbly and today they are amongst the richest in the world. Many of us try many ventures, but never make money. Is it only fate? Or the people who make lot of money have some qualities that are responsible for their success? Let us find out.

Type Of Business – what is the future of the business you are doing right now. Will it grow beyond a limit, or what ever you try, it cannot. For example, you are dedicated manufacturer of a product, which finds very limited use. Whatever improvement you make and price manipulation you do, the sales will never go beyond a certain quantity. For example, a soap manufacturer finds that every person in the world is his/her potential consumer where as for a manufacturer of skiing equipments, only a limited section will ever be the buyer.

Risk taking ability – Unless you risk, there will be no gain. Risk taking is important part of every business. Most of us shy away from this. All right, at least take calculated risk. Take risk only for a small amount that you can afford. But think of the possible results and take some risk. No big business can be developed without risk.

Planning and management – Have you conditioned your mind and developed abilities to manage a large business? Imagine yourself on the seat of the Chairperson of a very large corporation. Now imagine of the kind of decisions you will be asked to make. They will require big amount of planning and management ability. Have you developed that? Do you read books that teach this? Do you think about various scenarios and possible decisions? Please develop those abilities.

Quiz yourself about these essential requirements and improve where required. Success, rather very big success is waiting for you.

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