Everyone has heard about some of the great business success stories where individuals such as you have made a ton of money with an online business venture. But, you may have asked yourself , “How did they do it?”, “Where do I start?” , “How do I learn to run my own home-based business?” Are those websites that claim they can make me rich for real?

In this article about how to start your own home-based business and make money online, I will be answering those questions for you and more.

I will answer the last question for you first. Those websites that tell you that you don’t have to work at all and just buy their program and you will get rich are absolutely NOT for real. Do not start out wasting your money on get rich quick schemes. If you are unwilling to work or learn about running your own online or home-based business, then it will not succeed.

If I did not describe you in the last sentence above, then read on because in the rest of this article you will find the answers to the questions you may have about running your own home-based online business.

First of all, it is very seldom just blind luck that someone makes a lot of money in an online or home-based business. There are no magic pills to take, no shortcuts, and certainly no Internet Gurus that are only interested in making you money.

To succeed in an online or home-based business you first need to know that it will take time and effort. If you start a business off-line, like a clothing store, you will have to first get a great location, which costs money. Then you will have to buy inventory, which costs money. Then you will either need to hire employees, which cost money, or you will have to work about 12 hours per day to make your business successful.

Many people when they read about someone with a successful online business somehow think that they did it with no investment and hardly any work at all. My question to you is why do you think running an online or home-based business is some how magically more successful with less work?

Well, you have some good reasons to think so. Here are some of the advantages of starting an online business VS an offline business.

Your “great location” is simply a domain name for less than $20 per year. That pretty much beats a lease on a clothing store. Most online businesses do not require you to buy inventory. Again, that saves you even more money! Most online home-based businesses do not create the need for you to hire employees, at least until you are somewhat successful.

However, you will still need to put time and effort called “sweat equity” into your online business just like you would offline. You are also going to have to learn about running an online or home-based business. There is a learning curve.

That brings us back to that first question, “How did they do it?” They read books, or online they are called E-books. Many online business owners have written E-Books on how to run a home-based business online. Each successful Internet Business Owner has written how they achieved success. Many of them took very different paths in their online business.

By reading these E-Books, you will learn numerous methods to make money online and how to start and manage your own home-based business. By reading several of these E-Books before you get started you can avoid a lot of mistakes and find the methods you like best.

Investing in a small library of E-Books about home-based business and making money online is a lot less than any investment you would make to start a business offline. Taking the time to read these E-Books will be the best time investment you will ever make. E-Books are the very first step to any successful Online or Home-Based Business.

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