The restaurant business is quite unlike any other. Many people who fantasize about owning or running a restaurant have no idea what an incredibly painstaking and time consuming endeavor it can be. Those who do take the plunge into restaurant ownership quickly learn what it means to take on multiple responsibilities. Of course, hiring good help can make a world of difference, especially to owners who perform double duty as head chef or to those who have outside obligations (and let’s face it…who doesn’t?). Still, the most important quality that successful restaurant owners share is the ability to effectively manage their time.

One of the best resources for helping owners effectively manage their time is often the business’ restaurant supply dealer. While many view restaurant supplier companies as nothing more than a place to get commercial quality restaurant supplies, which they certainly are, the reality is that many restaurant supply companies offer so much more. Looking at the typical “back of the house”, there are three things that are necessary for producing quality food that customers will enjoy: the food itself, the kitchen staff and the appliances the food is kept in and prepared on. Getting quality foods and finding (and keeping) a quality staff is a job unto itself. Restaurant owners do not want to have to worry about appliances breaking down, whether it’s an ice machine or an oven. If an appliance goes down, it’s not unlike when an employee doesn’t show up for work. Certainly, then, restaurant supply distributors are part of the overall equation for a successful kitchen. But how can they help with time management?

Many restaurant supply companies can not only recommend and supply appliances, they can also help design the work flow of the kitchen area, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. By helping restaurant owners know where to place appliances in the correct order and proximity to each other, suppliers can make food preparation faster and much more efficient. This, in turn, can save the restaurant owner a great deal of time. By making a kitchen more ergonomic, restaurant owners will know that their BOH operations are set up for success, which will allow them to focus on other areas of the business.

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