Salgado Investigations was founded by Jorge Salgado in early 2006, the company is based in Croydon South London. I asked Jorge how he first got into the world of private investigation. He informed me, he was a bit of a rebel in his younger days, he started off his working life with a short stint at his local Cinema. This was followed by finding work as a security guard; Jorge quickly found his feet in this line of work and progressed to become a store detective. Jorge continued to distinguish himself from his peers and moved up the chain to becoming a retail undercover investigator at Heathrow Airport and later was appointed as the security manager at WH Smiths.

In 2006 Jorge decided it was time to take a gamble, this led to him setting up his own private detective agency. It is normal for people to struggle when they first set up their own business, Jorge was no exception. In the first 6 months he found it very difficult to source a steady stream of clients. From late 2006 however things started to improve as clients started to appear on a more regular basis.

Jorge is passionate about his work; he continually strives to improve his own personal knowledge base as well as developing his website. He views this as crucial, especially in light of new licensing legislation that is expected to be introduced within the next 12 months. His clients are obviously happy with the level of service as he receives many referrals and recommendations.

Salgado Investigations offer an array of services, these include

 • Process Servers 
 • Tracing Agents & People Finders 
 • Loss Prevention Investigators 
 • Matrimonial & Infidelity Surveillance 
 • Insurance & Personal Injury Detectives 
 • Computer Forensics Unit - CFU 

Jorge spends a lot of time networking with other small business owners at 4Networking, what I personally like is Jorge puts a lot of time into this networking group however due to the nature of his work, it seldom results in him sourcing clients, this is testament to his true character.

I wish Jorge all the best for the future, I am aware he has some interesting ideas for his companies’ development and improvement. I am sure his hard working ethos and determined attitude will serve him well in positioning his business at the forefront of the UK’s private investigation sector.

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