Let us look at self-storage first before looking at self storage in Essex.

Self storage is one of the solutions when you have stuff cluttering up your home or business space and you want to clear up the clutter by moving part of the stuff to a separate storage location. In such a case, you can either entrust the stuff to a storage services company or hire self storage space and move the stuff there yourself.

Other occasions when you might need self-storage include:

Why Self Storage Instead of Storage Services Company Storage?

With self storage, you control the stuff yourself. You get the storage space you want, a closed space under your lock and key, and can move in or take out stuff as you want. You can arrange the stuff the way you prefer, say, by putting frequently needed stuff in front for ease of frequent access.

If you entrust the stuff to a company for storage, they might store it at a location most convenient to them, and might also move it around. You might also not be able to access your stuff without prior appointment, and moving in additional stuff or taking out existing stuff can be done only with the involvement of the storage company.

Self storage is also cheaper as the storage company leasing these out don’t need staff to handle the stored stuff and account for it. Additionally, transporting the stuff to, and from, the storage facility is not their responsibility. You will have to do it yourself. Hence the storage company incurs less expense on self-storage units, and can afford to let them out at cheaper rates.

You can also hire self storage facilities for very short periods, say, for one or a few days and expect a full refund for unused periods if you terminate a self-storage arrangement. (You would, however, get lower rates for long-term storage.)

Storage Units Available

Different kinds of storage units are available for hire. These can be 10, 20 or 40 feet shipping containers, 8′ wide and high. Or they can come as a garage, or a spacious room, or a whole building, depending on your needs. Even small lockers might be available with some companies.

Self Storage in Essex

Essex is a place where much cargo is handled, and also a place that is logistically well situated. Bordered by the Thames, North Sea, River Lee, etc, it has waterways for shipping. The Tilbury port is one of the major ports of Britain.

Bordered by greater London, it is an area where London workers live with their families. The county has an extensive public transport network. The M25 and M11 motorways and the A12 and A13 trunk roads pass through Essex.

All the above factors lead to the need for both business and personal storage facilities.

Essex has plenty of storage facilities, including self storage. There are facilities open 24 hours and 7 days, fire proof and climate controlled facilities, small lockers and single item storage facilities, and facilities with CCTV security surveillance. Some facilities are fully insured, some come with helping hands, others are tailored to special storage needs as for documents and some sell packing requirement cartons and bubble tape.

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