While nothing can exceed the breadth, depth, and quality of direct in-person training, various factors can make it inconvenient. If your organization is serious about Six Sigma training, but find it difficult to get everyone together for instructor-led training, then an online Six Sigma course is a worthy alternative. An online training program can give your organization more flexibility and even reduce your training costs.

Online training has been shown to be useful for many learning applications and Six Sigma is one of those. The advantages of online training over instructor-led training are simple but profound. There is considerable savings in cost as online instruction is less expensive than in person classroom training and there are no travel expenses. Also online training offers greater flexibility in scheduling and causes less interruption in work schedules.

An online training course combines the advantages of uniformity in training and self-paced training. The basic course is the same for each trainee but can be delivered to different people at different times. While a human instructor is only available a limited time, online training materials don’t “go home” and trainees can review the subject matter as needed or desired. Support can be supplied via e-mail or phone. This scheduling flexibility is one of the benefits of online training. Six Sigma courses can be made available for a specific amount of time. For example, you could be granted access to the course material for four weeks which could be extended an additional two weeks on request at minimal or no extra cost.

The electronic format of online training makes it easier to tailor training to your specific needs. Training can be split into modules and you can present different modules to different people in your organization giving them only the training they need to fulfill their role. A Six Sigma online training program can provide an overview of the Six Sigma concepts and tools while going into detailed procedures and knowledge as needed. Those who need the basics of the Six Sigma methodology can receive it in a concise and easy-to-understand format. Those who need more advanced topics such as Six Sigma deployment practices, project development, and the DMAIC problem-solving approach can receive those.

Six Sigma training in an online electronic format focuses on active and applied learning methods where people can interact directly with the material and tools. Trainees are able to view samples of Six Sigma projects including some of the methods used within a Six Sigma project. Trainees can also get hands-on experience using some of the many statistical tools used in Six Sigma. Rather than just hear about statistical methods, they can see how they work in a spreadsheet in front of them. They can play with the numbers and even practice computing for variables to see directly how the tools function.

The online format also gives you more control over the training and greater assurance that your people are achieving each learning objective. Well placed mini quizzes can be employed to check for student understanding and give immediate feedback. Trainees will know in “real-time” whether they understand the concepts presented and the online course can provide repetition of content if needed. Trainees can spend more time on the modules you need. –invest as much or as little time as appropriate for you and not a class on each module.

Online training most likely will not require any additional equipment at your location. Training is delivered through existing computers and an Internet connection. Most online courses will run through any Internet browser on any operating system. You will need to dedicate newer and powerful computers to the training is the course has graphics, sound or video. Don’t make the mistake of using old castoff computers as your training computers. That will just make your trainees frustrated.

A well designed Six Sigma online training course can be highly effective. The flexibility of scheduling and content delivery, plus the cost savings make online Six Sigma training either as an addition to or a replacement for the face-to-face classroom environment, a strong part of your organization’s Six Sigma deployment.

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