Staff augmentation gives customers a chance to hire a worker or a team of employees for a certain period of time and remove employees when the task or the project is over. This practice helps to reduce the operational costs, arising from the need to employ new people with the required skills.

Clients who turn to firms, offering staff augmentation services, have to pay for the employees only when there is a need to use their services. They get a possibility to use the services of the professionals, who specialize in the very field the customer needs. By doing so, they also get a chance to respond to the quickly changing market needs. The employees who are usually hired often have a great desire to work as they normally get better wages at outsourcing centers than they would if they worked for a local firm. Staff augmentation centers possess the latest technologies and expertise, and the customers also get an access to the technological innovations, which they may need for their projects.

Staff augmentation centers may provide professionals in the following spheres: web development, mainframe programming, business analytics, software development and engineering, technical writing, customer support, systems analytics, call centers, desk help, technical support, project management, database design and administration, network engineering and administration, and others.

Staff augmentation centers may offer the services of workers for both short-term and long-term projects. Often companies have long-term projects with the necessity to involve IT teams. Some of them hire IT specialists full-time; however they may supplement the team with one or several specialists, which will be needed only for a short period of time. In this case they turn to the outsourcing centers. Others prefer to use the staff augmentation services and hire IT staff offshore for a long period of time. This has the aim of seriously minimizing the costs spent on IT staff.

Working with the employees, provided by staff augmentation services is really easy. It is actually as easy as working with your own employees, who sit in another room. The modern means of communication allow to easily talk to your colleague abroad and even to control how the job is done in real-time.

Most staff augmentation centers have employees, who work dedicatedly on customer projects in different parts of the world, therefore most companies can really benefit from them.

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