The system about which one we speak, is the legal base, helping to realise the investment program of progressing of electric power industry. Each member of tendered system of technological association to network plants of new generation urged to make this process transparent and clear, based on general principles for all market participants. Therefore a major principle which one is mortgaged in these contracts , – standardising of this process as on periods of implementation of all stages of technological association, and on account of a board for it. It will allow to the generating companies to understand process of technological association even before realisation of the investment project, to recognise schedule more precisely the future costs.

What decisions and at what level on technological association generating plants are already accepted? What it is necessary to accept?

Here it is necessary to disjoint the decisions linked with technological association, accepted on a national level, and the intracorporate documents anyhow regulating this question.

As to maiden here corrections in the law “About electric power industry” have fundamental meaning, signed by the President of the Russian Federation on November, 5th this year. Actually corrections in a part technological association have made this process “public”, much more transparent and regulated. As to technological association generation in the law now about it it is told as about separate “a class, a type” associations with the requests, including to rationing of petroleum products of periods and cost.

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