If you’re a sunglasses dealer with prime location, best of the pieces and superb service then having a nice looking sunglass display will surely yield positive results. It has been seen that many retailers emphasize more on quantity and quality but they forget to emphasize on their display. This is when their business suffers the most. As keeping those in open without proper care only hamper your selling as nobody is interested in buying the sunglasses which are loosely kept. It has been said that if you carry higher end sunglasses retailing above $20.00 per pair then it is advisable to place them either in a locking sunglass rack or a glass show case. However, sunglasses retailing below $20.00 you can keep a free standing display. Furthermore, free standing displays too come in various sizes and shapes. And this largely depends upon your choice and shop area.

If you’re a big retailer with big shop then you can simply go in for a larger rotating rack. But for more attractive display simply go in for larger sunglass displays will hold upward of 100 pair. This makes it easier for the customers when they are trying to pick out a new pair of sunglasses. But if you’re a small retailer with smaller locations then the table top sunglass displays will be beneficial for you and it is also easier to keep an eye on them. It has been seen that sunglass displays and racks are primarily made of metal or plastic. Using metal racks and displays are very attractive and beneficial but at times the price can be much higher than plastic ones. However, the main advantage to plastic displays is the price and some manufactures are making them look like metal. Moreover, the plastic displays and racks also weigh less and also cut down the shipping cost. Thus, it’s your own choice and budget to select the rack and also determine what’s best for you. It is said that try to do extensive market research before selecting the best rack for you.

Also go in for a direct importer or manufacturer. This gives you the advantage of having a larger selection and also gets lower prices. Thus, simply go in for a sunglass wholesale company providing a large selection and has suggestions on what will work best for your location.

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