TEGATO, a very strange word, but a strange word that will help you succeed in what you want and what you want to achieve or desire. Yes, it’s a new technology. If you are of average intelligence and have average memory remembering the technology is easy. T E G A T O.

T is for Thinking. Before you start any project, or any thing you want to accomplish, you have to think about it, but what I’m asking is to think from it, and do the equation backwards, of how you are going to accomplish your desire.

E is for Energy. Everything you do requires energy and you can have it by sleeping well, eating healthy balanced meals, drink lots of water, and have an exercise routine you do everyday. All of this will help you deal with stress and give you the energy needed to do what you needs to be done.

G is for Goals. If you don’t know where your going how will you get there. It’s very important to have and set goals. Goals keep you motivated and on track. Have your goals written and review them at least twice a day.

A is for Action. If you don’t take action and do what has to be done, than you are still a dreamer. You must take action even if you don’t feel like it, even if you are afraid, you must do the action.

T is for Time. Time is the most important asset you posses, believe it or not. It’s best to manage your time into 30 minute increments if you need more time to do an activity than add another 30 minutes. Here’s a question to be asking your self all the time “What is the highest and best use of my time right now?”. When you are about to set out on your project all ways to how much time it will take, at least guess how much time each activity will take and stick to it, if possible. Time is so important, that you should be able to keep track of time without a watch, it should be in your head.

O is for Obstacles. You must do whatever it takes to get your goal accomplished. If you have to jump over, go under, go through, go around, climb over, or blast though your obstacle or obstacles, and no matter how many times you’ve accomplished a goal you will always be faced with obstacles, if you can do this than you are an unstoppable force.

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