Sniffing Out Your Signature Scent

We all like to smell good. Bad body odor can be a huge turn off at all times. If you are out on a hot date on a sweltering day without spraying yourself with a suitable deodorant you can assure yourself that your date is never going to call you back. A good perfume can score you a lot of points in a romantic setting. If you are going for a job interview you really should take care of a possible body odor problem. You do not want to antagonize your interviewers by hitting them…

Perfume Short Info

The precise formulas of commercial perfumes are kept secret. Even if they were widely published, they would be dominated by such complex chemical procedures and ingredients that they would be of little use in providing a useful description of the experience of a scent.

Perfume Gifts – “Compare Your Perfumes To An Opera. Which One Would It Be?”

“Carmen. I want every woman to be mysterious and ardent. I have this urge to be alive. To be somebody. I’m a gypsy by nature. I am Carmen.” (from a conversation with Sophia Grosjman, one of outstanding perfumers in the world).

This answer was expected from Sophia Grosjman, one of the most brilliant and famous contemporary perfumers in the world. She has worked on blockbuster fragrances like Eternity, Tresor, Jaipure, Kashaya and Paris.

Born in Belarus over fifty years …

Health And Beauty – Celebrities And Perfumes

Perfumes are one commodity that most people cannot leave home without. Perfumes make people smell nicer and refreshed. If you smell nice, you are automatically considered hygienically clean and attractive. If you’ve noticed, most people have a different type of scent and have a preference for the type of perfume they buy.

Abundant Perfume Choices

There are so many scent and fragrance choices today as there is a great battle to capture our attention by the manufacturers of perfumes. How do we choose one over its competitor? For that matter, with the huge selection that there is, just getting started is a great challenge!

Let’s explore some of the basic categories of perfumes and fragrances.

* Florals are the “all around” choice. That doesn’t mean, however, that using a cheap version will do. High quality ingredie…