Here is my proposal. You bet all your life earning with me. I will toss the coin. If you get head, I will give you five times your money and if you get tail, you will lose all. Will you bet? Risk taking is not for everyone. Only few of us risk big. Otherwise most of us risk very small amounts and take few chances. What is your risk taking ability? Let us test it.

Stock markets work on risk. Every adventure sport has an element of risk. All commodity markets have a risk. Risk is an essential part of our life. We sleep peacefully at night without thinking about the probability of earthquake occurring in our area. The whole world is living with the risk of nuclear pile. But these are risks about which individuals can do nothing.

We as individuals can risk our money and at times our life. Let us talk only about money now. If you are in business, do you risk your money if the venture is little risky? Do you calculate your risk and the probability of winning and losing in business? Will you risk all your business on a single buyer? What if some thing wrong happens to that buyer? We take many risks without thinking about them. Only when something happens, we realize the extent to which we had risked.

Please find out the risk involved in every business decision you take. Calculate the probability of failure and success. Think about them carefully and then step ahead. Secure future has a great effect on our peace of mind.

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