How to know if you need a change in job? for example say you have a job. You get good pay and are happy with the work. You get regular promotions and are satisfied. Do you think that you need to change that job? No, because you are happy. What about the future? Where will you be after five years or ten years? If your present job is Ok for today, will it be Ok for future? Let us examine this.

Before finding out if you need a change in job, please find out your needs. What do you need from a job? Are you looking for a challenging job? Are you looking for a job that gives you opportunities to grow? Do you want a job that may pay less but you don’t want to work very hard? Or you want to work very hard but are looking for a very fat paycheck? Please find out what are your expectations from a job.

Now find out what do you want from life. What are your life goals? do you want to retire after a certain time or want to work till you can? Are you looking for great wealth or great fame? What do you want from your life to feel satisfied?

Think about your life goals and find out if your job goals will help you achieve your life goals. Otherwise you have to rethink about both of them. Once you are sure about your desires from your job, find out if your present job will give you all that you are looking for. If yes, you have no need to change the job. Otherwise, you will have to look for a job that will help you achieve your major goals of life.

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