Greetings and salutations, my loyal readers! Let me tell you a little story. I was out shopping with some friends last week (surprise, surprise) and I had the strangest altercation. My friends and I were at Sak’s 5th Ave. to check out the latest designer handbags, and we are all raving over this incredible new purse from Coach. If you have read any of my previous work, you would know that I am Coach’s biggest fan!

It was a beautiful purse! It had incredible vintage styling, and was constructed from the finest, most supple caramel-colored leather. I was literally drooling over this purse, as were my fellow shoppers. As I was inspecting the bag and admiring the awesome multi-colored liner, I could sense that somebody was peering over my shoulder. I turned around to discover another woman lusting after the very handbag I had in my hands.

At this point, I was both annoyed and afraid. I was annoyed by having a stranger invade my personal space, and scared by the crazed and maniacal look in her eyes. This woman looked like a junkie waiting for her next fix! In the past, I have written about my struggle with being a designer handbag junkie. It was, however, all in good humor and I did employ a certain amount of creative embellishment.

This woman, on the other hand, looked like she was about to attack me! I couldn’t believe it. Fortunately, I had some friends with me. Otherwise, I suspect we may have had a catfight on our hands. Needless to say, I made a hasty escape with my new coach handbag. Later that evening, I sat down at my computer to write some new copy for the site and I had a really hard time forgetting about this woman. It got me thinking about the bigger picture, with regards to high end consumer items like designer fashion accessories.

Why are people so strangely obsessed with trivial items? Why do we place such value on inanimate objects? I am generally not one to consider designer handbags and fashion accessories trivial, because I am absolutely in love with them. But in the bigger picture that is reality, these are not important matters. Handbags are simply something I am interested in, and write about for my website. Sure, I have more bags than I could ever possibly put to use. But I am far from being fanatical about them! Well…most of the time.

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