People who are thinking of donating their cars for a variety of foundations or programs aimed at helping other people now have more reasons to think about donating their used cars. While the act of donating something should be done for proper motivations, the recipients of these car donations have just devised a way to cerate more motivations for future donors.

Car donors can donate their used cars and receive a receipt for tax deduction. Not only that, they can also donate their cars in exchange for a free vacation in any of the places identified by the recipient foundation or group.

Some people who want to donate their used cars hesitate because of the belief that there would be too much paperwork involved with the donation process. However, they should contact their identified recipient because there are foundation and group recipient that offer a hassle-free donation process for future donors.

Organizations that are accepting used car donations usually do all the work like picking up the used car to be donated. The only thing a donor has to do is to fill up the car donation form and take the accompanying benefits like the tax deduction certificate and the free vacation certificate. There are organizations that give out hotel and resort tickets in exchange for a used car donation.

These organizations accept car donations in all forms, including jet skis, recreational vehicles, trailers, boats or motorcycles. They also accept cars that are no longer running or in good condition for as long as the value of the car comes out greater than the value of towing the car from the donor’s place. To emphasize the convenience of donating your used cars, there are organizations that will pick the donated car even if the owner is not at home, provided he leaves behind the necessary papers and the keys.

The used cars that are donated to these organizations will be used depending on the condition of the car. One thing is however sure; the donor gets a tax deduction equal to the value of the car with a maximum of $500 or in cases when the car is resold, he gets a tax deduction equal to the amount of the resell price of the car.

There is an even easier method of donating one’s used car and this is through the internet. You just need to fill out the forms online and then the deal is closed.

The proceeds of car donations will go to different foundations or organizations that provide for the needs of children and other sectors. There are groups that take special care of distressed children. In most organizations, a hundred percent of the used car proceeds are used to fund their programs on unemployed youth, recovering youth or youth in hazardous situations. Other organizations used the proceeds to fund projects on genetic and clinical research and outreach programs. Some use the funds to provide supplies and other resources for doctors and their families.

So if you have one or more vehicle that have remained unused in your garage for a long time and which you have no use for , then better donate them to your favorite foundation or group and get more benefits in exchange.

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