Citibank renders its quality services to students, business personnel and the frequent travelers. It has brought for the business people, the Citi Professional Card to assist you in running (and managing the finances) your own business.

Features Of The Card

The Citi Professional Card has no annual fee, a reasonable annual percentage rate (APR) and theft protection options. For the initial nine months, there is a 0% APR on the balance transfers. No balance-transfer fee is applicable.

The card acts as the personal assistant.

Benefits Of The Card

The credit card enables you make business expenses, also helping in categorizing these expenses under suitable heads in your monthly statement. This option helps you during tax calculations. The card gives you the opportunity to create separate accounts for all your clients, equipment, supplies and materials.

The credit card can also help you with a phone number, restaurant information, travel arrangements and other office needs. You can avail of the services of amicable assistants for making hotel and travel reservations for you.

The Citi Professional Card provides you with online banking services, helping you pay your bills on time and track your outgoing expenses. This enables you to save your money and time if you are in the habit of missing out on payments.

The card allows you earn rebates and many more benefits from your daily business related purchases. Moreover, you can determine categories for expenses and every time you get a credit card statement, the purchases you made will be placed within your designated categories.

Points And Rewards

The beneficial online expense reporting tool enables you to set up reports for certain clients for helping you observe the transactions that are related to a specific category. The card demands no redemption fees for the points and no fees for the Thank You Network rewards program. The first purchase you make with your card will give you 10000 reward points, which are redeemable for a $100 gift card.

With spending every dollar at the participating retail establishments, like gas stations, supply stores and restaurants, you obtain 3 points. However, for spending every dollar at other locations, you earn one point. The points can always be added to your Thank You Network points balance.

Card Features

In case you already have a business credit card, you can transfer your balance to the Citi Professional Card in order to enjoy 9 months of 0% interest.

The card also provides you with access to a customer service 24/7. You can avail of the toll free number for speaking to a representative or gaining access to your online account for making payments, viewing minute statement details and gaining information on the unbilled activity.


The card offers you many Internet account related services, fraud and security protection services, lost and stolen card reporting and access to the online expense reporting tool.

It further provides many travel and emergency assistant services, a maximum of $1000000 in travel accident insurance, emergency card and cash replacement, quarterly and end of the year financial statements and many more benefits.

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