Fundraising has indeed come a long way from the good old days where people just set up long table among school yards or a vacant lot and kept track of profits using a plastic calculator or notebook and pen. Nowadays, the sucess of a fundraising event can be accurately recorded using software.

  1. Tech-Savvy Fundraising

Fortunately, fundraising has become a lot more tech-savvy because various internet sites cater to those who are into setting up fundraising activities for school organizations, their community church, or whatever cause they might have. Notwithstanding the above, you should at least give fundraising software a try, because in most situations the companies offer a money-back guarantee or a trial period in case you are not fully satisfied you can always just return it and they will mail you a complete refund. The only downside to doing this is that it is annoying and may take up your valuable time and money.

Software is:

  1. FUNDimentions Software

A popular fundraising software is being provided for free over the internet by a small-scale computer company named FUNDimentions. FUNDimensions promises fundraising enthusiasts the ability to keep track of the ins and outs behind their fundraising events with the aid of a computer. Not only that, it also promises that through their software, you will be able to raise a lot more money without exerting much more work.

The fundraising software called FUNDimensions is a database-driven application that means it has a lot of power under the hood. And while this power is intended for the larger industries, the program is also extremely easy to learn and use, so it is perfect for smaller organizations such as schools as well.

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