Have you ever joined a company or some kind of money-making opportunity thinking that, it was the best thing you’d seen since sliced bread? Then you go to work, spend money on advertising, or telling your friends about this wonderful deal. Maybe you even stayed with this opportunity long enough to make a small bonus check….then, wham! All of a sudden this golden opportunity is gone…completely fizzled…washed down the drain.

What happened?

You probably got bit by something that most of us have experienced at some point in our lives! The greed bug!

Now, I suppose that the greed bug could be described in various ways. At its worse, it can be a completely selfish little creature, just desiring to get ahead for itself and to heck with anyone else. If they lose out, well, that’s just too bad. Tough luck!

But I really think this greed bug usually manifests itself in less incriminating traits, traits that are not necessarily selfish in nature. However, the greed bug traits may be responsible for numerous
failures in business!


  1. Wanting to believe this will “work.”
  2. Jumping in too fast without doing adequate homework. HOMEWORK should include such things as finding out how long the company has been in business, making sure the products are worthwhile & not grossly overpriced, plus having a reliable business plan or plan of success.
  3. Giving up too quickly when the money doesn’t come rolling in.
  4. Not having the patience to learn the things necessary for success.

Now, as I look at this, most of us, at least in the older generations, grew up with a principle of honesty. If someone told us something, we actually believed them. A person’s word truly was as “good as gold.” Unfortunately, these days, with the internet, it really is hard to tell the truth from fiction. Just because somebody makes a claim about something, doesn’t necessarily make it true.


  1. Having a long-term association with the person or people inviting you to join them is desirable.
  2. Knowing how long the company has been in business is important. New start-up companies almost all end in failure. So while you may make more money by getting in early, consider it to be a very, very high risk venture. You could work hard, spend a lot of money and see your business go down the drain.
  3. What kind of products or service will you represent? While you may prefer to keep your business as an internet business and not bother your friends, still…what you represent should be something you would gladly share with your family and friends.
  4. Is there a workable plan or system to help you succeed? Believe me, folks will not beat a path to your door to sign up for your business or buy your product! You’ve got to let them know you are there…over & over again! So, the more support and help you are offered, the more likely that it will be a successful business for you.

Be aware, however, that the list above does not guarantee that your business will still be around at payday. I believe, however, those points do help put the odds in your favor.

So friends, take the time to do your homework and once you do find the right business for you, be willing to work at it to make a success. Don’t let the greed bug cause you to fail!

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