Seven Ways to Increase Event Attendance by 27% RIGHT NOW with a Fully-automated System:

  1. Send email invitations along with snail mail.
    Due to the costs and hassles of mail, increasing invitation frequency is not economical. With broadcast email you can schedule perfectly timed invitations to go out in sequence. Giving you more opportunity to attract registrants. An automated system automatically emails your registrants whenever you want it to.
  2. Receive commitments quickly.
    No licking envelopes or searching for stamps is required by your potential registrants when you include a direct link to your registration form from your email invitation.
  3. Automatically notify people who abandon registration.
    Ever wonder how many people start their registration but don’t follow through? Well, with an automated system, you can not only be notified when this happens, but create an email that automatically gets sent to them when they abandon the process, recapturing 20-25% of these fence-sitters directly from the email.
  4. Communicate with people who haven’t RSVP’d.
    Some people need several prompts or reminders of an upcoming event before they finally register. Schedule subsequent invitations to go out automatically and on the days you select to those on your list that have not yet registered.
  5. Automate confirmation emails to increase ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising.
    Statistics show that you can increase your word-of-mouth registration by including a “Refer-a-Friend” link in your confirmation emails. You can even give them suggested verbiage to send on about your event right in the body of the email. Automated systems make it easy to get referrals, giving you additional registrants.
  6. Decrease no-shows with reminder emails.
    We have heard of event planners that see a 90% attendance rate after sending a reminder email when their previous no show rate was as high as 35%. An automatically generated reminder email is a great place to send final event details to your attendees.
  7. Keep registrants informed with automatic waitlist emails.
    A waitlist without coordination headaches is possible in a system with automated waitlisting. When a spot opens up, an email is automatically sent to the next person on the waiting list. They can confirm and pay, or decline and the process will repeat – automatically – effortlessly keeping your event at capacity.

With a fully-integrated online registration system, you can get an easy to use broadcast email system that will increase your signups by 27% or more.

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