If you’re seriously interested in knowing about low interest credit cards, you will need to read this article. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about low interest credit cards. If you don’t have accurate details regarding low interest credit cards, then you might make a bad choice. Don’t let that happen: keep reading.

The most beneficial feature of low interest credit cards is the popular zero introductory interest rate that can last up to 12 months. These offers may only apply to the balance transfer and not to new purchases and cash advance. Therefore, making purchases and taking cash advance with your promotional offer credit card may result in paying multiple interest rates. Individuals who are planning to make purchases and carry a credit card balance each month may be better off with low fixed interest rate credit cards. Customers will need to decide if a 0% intro APR or a low fixed APR credit card is better suited for their personal needs. It’s not uncommon for the interest rate to shoot up dramatically after the introductory period expires. Therefore, customers should know what the interest rate will be after the promotional period ends.

The promotional offer or interest free period can save hundreds of dollars in interest expense. During this interest free period no interest is accrued if the account is in good standing. Many customers utilize the interest free period to transfer balance from high interest rate credit cards to a low interest credit rate credit cards to save money on interest expense. These cards are also very important for customers who are planning to consolidate credit card loans, make large purchases and carry a credit card balance from month to month. Credit card issuers charge a fee to do a balance transfer. This fee varies from bank to bank so it is a good idea to shop around for the best deal. Individuals with excellent credit score can ask to have the fee waived.

Low interest credit card can be very versatile because they have similar feature to a standard credit card. Features can be similar to a standard credit card such as cash back, rewards, no annual fees, bonus miles etc. It’s important to compare features of low interest cards and apply for the one that fulfils your needs. Paying your entire outstanding credit card balance on time each billing cycle is the only way to avoid paying interest expense. This may not be financially feasible for many customers due to the fact that they do not have the available funds. Therefore, by using a low interest credit card to make purchases and maintaining a credit card balance will be the next best choice to save money on interest expense. The amount of interest accrue on your account depends on the interest rate you receive.

It’s a common situation for individuals with bad credit to pay credit card companies large fees and finance charges. This situation keeps the card holder indebted to the credit card companies for years to come if no action is taken. This is a good reason to have excellent credit to avoid high finance charge and fees. Credit card issuers can change the rate of interest on your low interest credit card for several reasons such as making late payment, poor payment history with other creditors, applying for too much credit etc. To maintain good credit habits only charge what you know you can afford.

Many individuals use a low interest credit card to consolidate credit card debts to save money on interest expense. It can eliminate making monthly payments to various creditors. Do the necessary research before deciding to consolidate because if not done wisely can end up costing more than you would have saved. Because consolidation will extend the term of your loan it may increase the total amount of interest payment paid over the life of the loan. Debt consolidation is an excellent opportunity to keep you out of bankruptcy and get your finances back on track. Consolidating simplifies your paperwork and saves time and energy by only keeping records for a single loan instead of several loans.

Understanding grace period as it relates to your low interest credit card is very important. The grace period generally last between 20 to 25 days. This is the number of days stipulated in your credit card agreement before your credit card company starts charging interest on new purchases with certain conditions. During this period customers do not pay finance charges on new purchases if the account did not carry a previous balance. Also, monthly payments must be received during the grace period time frame. Usually credit cards without a grace period are charged finance charges immediately on new purchases even if your previous month’s bill was paid in full.

The internet is the easiest place to find low interest credit cards with online credit card application. Website like www.icreditonline.com offers various types of credit cards. The cards are grouped into different categories. Clicking on low interest credit cards will bring up a list of low interest credit cards. Customers will then be able to compare offers and submit their online credit card application for approval. Going on line to find your credit card is very rewarding because it is very convenient and fast. There is no need to travel from banks to banks trying to find the right credit card. Customers can obtain all the information needed to make a wise decision in choosing a credit card that meets their needs just with the click of your mouse.

Read your credit card agreement to find out if there are separate interest rates for balance transfer, new purchases and cash advance. Card holders maybe charged a very high interest rate and fees for cash advance or making new purchases while getting the 0% intro offer for balance transfer. Don’t let this happen to you. Take the time to read the credit card agreement. Reading and understanding the credit card agreement is of utmost importance because it gives you the knowledge needed to make the right decision.

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