The concept of trilogy is similar to trinity, but trinity refers to divinity and it is a religious concept while trilogy refers to things and often to artistic works. Trilogy is a whole that is expressed in three parts and each part is a unit of its own and in itself. For example, it could be a movie or a novel that is produced/written in three separate parts but which plot is interconnected among those parts.

This article is titled the perfect business trilogy because it refers to the three businesses which I believe are the most effective and profitable in the world today. Furthermore, it shows how to combine these businesses in a perfect system to boost the profits and reduce the inherent risks found in any business or enterprise.

These three businesses are Internet Marketing, Real Estate and Trading. I will describe these businesses now and then I will show you the system. Let’s start with Internet Marketing.

Why I say that Internet Marketing is one of the most profitable businesses in the entire world. Simple. Just analyze the benefits . . .

  1. You can start an online business virtually with no cash on hand.
  2. You don’t need to purchase any equipment nor machines, except a computer with Internet connection.
  3. You don’t need specialized knowledge nor previous experience.
  4. You can do it from home.
  5. You can be your own boss, choose your own schedule and working environment.
  6. The profit potential is very high.
  7. You can set these businesses on autopilot and receive passive income.
  8. You can get multiple streams of residual income.
  9. You can start within minutes.
  10. You can reach a vast audience without ever having to deal with anybody personally.

If I would make a complete list of benefits I would need several sheets of paper. Most people have a logical reason to want to make money on the Internet. That reason is that these businesses offer big returns on time and money invested.

Think about how many hassles you would have to go through if you would want to start an offline business. In my opinion, the Internet beats 99% of other opportunities out there. The good thing about it is that anyone can do it. Anyone with enough passion and determination can turn their hobby into a profitable venture online.

Remember that there is not only one or two methods to make money on the Internet, but many. Bellow are just a few examples . . .

  1. You can sell e-books and software.
  2. You can be an affiliate.
  3. You can sell advertising space from your websites.
  4. You can sell items on online auctions.
  5. You can sell web hosting and memberships.

These are just a few examples. There are many other businesses. I have just mentioned a few common and profitable Internet businesses here, but as you can see you have different options to choose from.

Now, the second business that I mention above is real estate. There are some simple and basic reasons why real estate is a very profitable business. One of the reasons is that we humans are reproducing too fast. Our specie is growing on the planet at an exaggerate rate.

Land can not be manufactured. We are running out of space which makes the price of land increase in value really fast. Also, few things can offer so much value to somebody as a house or an apartment unit. Shelter is one of the three basic needs. Everybody needs a place where they can live.

Usefulness plus scarcity equals high prices. Also supply and demand play an important role on that equation. The reason supply is scarce is exactly what I mentioned above: too many people on Earth.

Throughout history investing in real estate has being profitable because it is a useful tangible thing. Today we have the problem of over population which makes it even prettier. Investing is not the only way to make money on this business though. There are traders too.

A trader on this field basically flips properties. For example he may purchase a house with the intention of selling it back as soon as possible and realize the big profits quickly. Another thing they do is to buy in preconstruction.

With the price of houses increasing so fast, a trader/investor sometimes purchase properties with the intention of selling them quickly. Many investors sell the properties even before construction ends. They simply assign the contracts to other willing investors. Then the first investors make substantial profits without having to close on the deals themselves.

There are many different ways to make money on real estate. Here are just a few examples.

  1. Buy rental properties and be a landlord.
  2. Buy land that it is expected to appreciate in value. Wait a few years. Sell the land and buy more.
  3. Flip properties. Buy in preconstruction and similar deals. Once the properties appreciate in value, sell them and buy more.
  4. Buy discounted mortgage notes. This is part of the cash flow business. Purchase discounted mortgage notes cash. This way the investor controls the property without owning it.
  5. Purchase tax certificates. Attend government auctions and buy land for pennies on the dollar.
  6. Get a real estate license, become an agent and sell mansions. With prices so high today you don’t need to sell many properties to make good money this way. The draw back is that this is too competitive, but there is competition everywhere anyway.
  7. Buy distressed properties, fix them and resell them.

Etc, etc, etc; you get the point. There are many things you can do. These are just ideas and comments. These are examples of what some business people do to make money in real estate. There are other possibilities, but I think these are the most common and profitable ones.

The third business is trading online. I am referring here to trading Forex (The Forex Exchange Market). Forex is very risky, hence the high claims of how profitable it can be. Maybe you have heard a lot of hype about Forex lately. This is basically the market where you can trade one currency for another. It is the world’s biggest and most liquid market today.

You can trade Forex from the comfort of your own home. In fact most online brokers allow you to open demo accounts today and try your strategies with play money before you compromise real capital. Trading is the third business that I mention on this trilogy. Bellow you can find more ideas about this concept.

It may take some time for you to learn how to be successful on these businesses, but the basic idea is to participate on all three of them. The main purpose of this article is to show you how these business can be profitable and relatively easy to implement.

If you could combine the profits from each you could further boost your income. For example, in my opinion, the safest of the businesses above is Internet Marketing. It requires relatively low investment or no investment at all. So, the idea is to start an online business that produces good profits for you. Once you are getting substantial income from your Internet Business you can proceed to learn how to trade successfully.

You can use part of the profits you get from your online business to trade online. Then part of the profits you get from trading and Internet Marketing can be used to purchase real estate.

This is a simple concept, but it can be very effective. Can you see why I think these are the most profitable businesses in the world? I give you generalized information here, but you can find more details in my other articles. I really think this is a perfect business trilogy. It is a method to combine three highly profitable businesses and increase your overall gains.

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