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Let’s analyze how these common vices can affect your business and your overall income. You may think that the concept of deadly sins is a religious one and do not apply to you, but you may call them negative tendencies if you want. The fact is that you can find them in more or less intensity within most people.

You may not realize that one of these tendencies may be affecting you until I show you the details. If you realize that there is a problem, I will also give you the solution so you can fix it. I will explain and compare now the most common negative tendencies among people with their corresponding opposite virtues.

Before we start, I need to tell you something . . .

I. Most sins arise from: FEAR.

II. Most virtues arise from: LOVE.

III. Sins, vices and negative tendencies demonstrate weakness, while virtues demonstrate strength.

In my opinion the biggest virtue of all is COURAGE/CONFIDENCE, because it is the direct fruit of love, which dissipates fear and sow all other virtues in human’s hearts.

This is a series of articles about this subject. The whole series contain the following articles . . .

  1. Pride
  2. Envy
  3. Gluttony
  4. Lust
  5. Anger
  6. Greed
  7. Sloth


This negative tendency is related to lack of patience. Angry individuals have no patience to deal with other people’s problems. They cry, break things, get mad. They lose control of their feelings when they have to deal with uncomfortable situations.

These people canalize their inner frustration this way. The problem is that sometimes they manage to do a great deal of physical and emotional damage on their surroundings. They can hurt people. They can destroy objects that they lament later. They say things which they regret once their anger is gone.

This sin opposes meekness/kindness. Kind people take the tender approach. They don’t mind investing time and efforts to help others solve their troubles. Kind people are compassionate.

Anger can affect your business. You can lose clients. It can damage your reputation. Sometimes customers come to a business and they don’t know about a product or service. They expect to receive a kind attitude from the owners or employees.

It is hard to get new clients but easy to lose them. Everything possible must be done to make sure you don’t lose the ones you already have. Every successful business owner knows this.

The same can happen with people that you employ. If you are always angry at your employees they may feel bad about it and leave. It takes time and effort to find and train new employees.

When people feel loved and appreciated they will come back to you often and buy from you again. I know that sometimes stress makes us do and say things that we would have not done under normal circumstances. On the other hand, the rewards for meekness are huge. That’s why it is always great to be in control of our feelings at all times and don’t allow anger to hurt our business and profits.

If you read the other articles on this series, you will realize that the common characteristic behind this negative tendencies is: selfishness. If you are absolved with yourself, you will show one or more of these tendencies on your daily actions. The solution is to live a less selfish lifestyle. By changing your attitude, you may change the outcome of your actions. You may be amazed at the results and you will feel happier and successful.

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