Negotiating skills are a nonnegotiable requirement for success, but few people understand the structures, techniques and approaches available to them in an attempt to gain successful results. Effective negotiation means more than just getting what you want. It means arriving at a solution that satisfies all parties and creates future opportunities. Fine tune your communication style. Listening is a key part of effective communication. What is and is not said is key during negotiations and in building professional relationship. Establish an assertive approach, communicate in a clear fashion, remain professional, be patient, try to avoid aggressive behaviors. Neutralize objectives presented by the counterpart and negotiate with confidence.

Being aggressive means standing up for yourself in ways that violate the rights of others.
Aggressive behavior is typically punishing, hostile, blaming, and demanding. It can involve threats, name-calling, and even actual physical contact. It can also involve sarcasm, catty comments, gossip and “slips of the tongue.” Negotiation training will give you the crucial negotiation skill, strategies, tools and techniques you must have to effectively handle negotiations ranging from sales, contract, labor and business negotiations, to international negotiations involving business and political conflict to all varieties of personal negotiations.

Negotiation Tips and Goals

  1. Improve personal and professional profitability.
  2. Achieve desired outcomes and create synergy while fostering relationships.
  3. Maximize financial returns and value in negotiations.
  4. Avoid being cheated.
  5. Neutralize difficult negotiators and their tactics.
  6. Enter into and conduct negotiations with confidence.
  7. Know when and how to walk away from a negotiation.
  8. Improve personal relationships with colleagues, clients and loved ones.
  9. Build leadership and team building skills.
  10. Turn cultural differences into assets rather than liabilities.

Strategic thinking and planning is pivotal to your success in this business climate.

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