World cup fever for 2006 is predicted to be more intense than 2002, with the advertising industry tipped to see higher sales than previously, with estimated spending on marketing reaching £300m during the tournament. The Centre for Economics and Business Research has stated that there is likely to be a spending boost of about £1.25 billion which will be pumped into the UK economy as a result of fans purchasing World Cup related memorabilia, replica team kits, sports equipment, and expensive flat-screen televisions in order to get the best view of the important matches. The pub, club and off-license trade is also expecting to heavily reap the rewards of the competition through vastly increased custom especially to pubs across the country, of around £285million if England can make it through to the semi-final.

According to a report from the Halifax, many more responsible children are using the forthcoming World Cup as a spur to help them embark upon an encouraging savings blitz, with a view to then blow it all on World Cup souvenirs. Managing director of banking and savings at Halifax, Peter Jackson, said: “It is encouraging to see that children have a positive attitude to saving and that solid habits are fostered early.” He also stated that, “Children are choosing to save their money in bank accounts so that they can afford expensive purchases, such as World Cup souvenirs and memorabilia.” Moneynet’s online money comparison site has an article telling of the surge of children looking to set up bank accounts on the run up to the world cup.

As well as the obvious hard cash that can be accounted for as a result of the world cup there is also the not so obvious cash flow online due to the world cup. Websites are set to see a big boost in traffic due to the world cup. The Barclays bank accounts ( ) page is expected to see a big rise in hits on the run up to the world cup. Absolutely everyone is cashing in on the world cup this year.

With such a colossal amount of money being generated by football, it’s hard to see where business ends and the game begins.

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