When you check the statistics, only a very small percentage of Americans ever try to own their own business. To be sure, a great many more of us are trying our hand at owning a business than in days past, but the vast majority of Americans still work for a boss.

Why is that? When I ask people why they don’t start their own business, most don’t mention a lack of money or even a lack of skills. Most will tell me something like, “I’m not the kind of person who can own their own business.”

When you start asking them WHY they aren’t the right kind of person to be self-employed, most say “I don’t like to sell. I can’t be pushy. I don’t feel comfortable talking people into buying something. It all sounds like too much work.”

In the past, I would have told you that you are right; being a business owner wouldn’t be right for you. You’re probably saving yourself a lot of money, work, and heartache by staying in your job.

But today things have changed. I no longer discourage anyone from going into to business for themselves. The simple reason is it’s so EASY now to outsource the parts of business you don’t feel comfortable with.

Don’t like to look for new customers? Prospecting is a vital part of any business, especially for a new business that NEEDS more customers. But today, you can outsource prospecting to online systems that advertise for prospects, get their information, then separate the tire kickers from the solid potential buyers.

Don’t like to sell? No problem. If you’re not good at closing a sale, there are teams that can do all that for you. Some services have very experienced rooms of sales people who call your prospects for you, sell them over the phone, close the deal, and send you a check.

Don’t have a product or service you can sell? Don’t worry about that either. There is a huge and increasing supply of successful firms who give you products and services to sell. In fact, they’ll store the products, take the orders, ship the products, and send you a nice commission.

Gone are the days when you have to rent an expensive office, hire employees, or keep boxes of product in your garage. Also gone are the evenings of spending hours on the phone calling total strangers, and sitting through boring sales meetings.

That is how business was done in the past, and a BIG reason why so many people opted not to go into business for themselves. Today, those objections have evaporated. Just about anyone CAN successfully operate their own business. Simply outsource the jobs you don’t like, and concentrate of the aspects of the business you enjoy.

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